Beaune | Lion's club: help with educational disabilities

The Lion's club of Beaune has decided to give a helping hand to students with disabilities from the Ulis sections (localized units for inclusive education) in the municipalities of Beaune, Vignolles and Seurre by providing them with computer equipment.adapted.

It was after being informed of the action initiated by a referent teacher (specializing in academic disabilities) and a speech therapist from SESSAD (Special education and home care service), that Jean-Luc Belin president of the Lion's Club de Beaune and Martial Grillet (communication delegate within the club) wanted to financially support a computer equipment project.

Specific tablets and software

This is how 4,000 euros of reconditioned equipment and two specific software (“Sim Writer” and “Dis Vocal”) were distributed to students suffering from different syndromes (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysorthography, etc.) in the form of laptops, tablets, headsets and connected pens.

The units located for inclusive education (Ulis) allow a group of students with the same type of disability to be accommodated in a college or high school."These facilities will allow all these students to overcome their disabilities and integrate better into general-level classes, ”explains Martial Grillet.

Actions for isolated people

At the same time, the Lion's club, in partnership with local communities and clubs, continue to increase actions in favor of isolated populations or people suffering from illnesses.

"Recently, 1000 euros have been allocated - in collaboration with the CCAS, (communal center of social action) - to help isolated people, for the purchase of daily products and masks", specifies Jean- Luc Belin.

Posted Date: 2021-02-11

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